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Support Full Spectrum Doula Services in NM

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Join the Movement for Equitable Reproductive Healthcare Access - Support NMDA's Full Spectrum Doula Services

Dear Advocate,

In our world, rich with diverse cultures and experiences, we have an opportunity to celebrate the entire spectrum of reproductive experiences. At the New Mexico Doula Association (NMDA), we stand firmly for Full Spectrum Doula Services, encompassing fertility and conception, pregnancy, birth, abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, and even extending to death doulas. Our vision is to prioritize equitable reproductive healthcare access that is culturally humble, ideally representative, and led.

We firmly believe in centering the voices and experiences of historically marginalized communities. Our mission is to provide compassionate support throughout the reproductive journey, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background, has access to respectful and inclusive care.

Your generous donation will help us expand our services and advocacy efforts, reaching individuals during every transformative phase of their lives. Our commitment extends beyond birth, prioritizing a holistic approach to reproductive experiences. With your support, we can continue to be a force for change, ensuring that equitable reproductive healthcare is accessible to all.

Join us in creating a world where culturally humble and representative care is the norm. Your contribution will make a real impact on the lives of families in need and support doulas at the forefront of this transformative work.

Together, we can dismantle barriers and foster an inclusive and equitable future for all. Click the [Donate Now] button and be a part of this transformative journey.

Thank you for standing with us and advocating for change.

Warm regards,

Melissa Marie Lopez
Executive Director
New Mexico Doula Association